Iberian Pig. A Review.

I couldn't love a restaurant more and that is saying something. 

The first time I went to The Iberian Pig a food lusty menu lingered in my head from a Daily Candy write up.  I almost lost sleep feeling urged to go. The top of the menu is serrano and Iberico ham. Really, how can you go wrong!?  The espresso aioli that accompanies it is heavenly. Really it is. The cheeses are nothing to miss out on either. Order up. Let the games begin.

The atmosphere is a dark wood almost mens club but ladies do not fret. Dive in. It welcomes us too. 

Spanish wines are your friend. Have a glass. Better yet, have a bottle. Every glass will slip down like silk along this satisfying food. 

Braised veal shank ravioli with truffle creme fraiche? oh yes. I don't even like pasta but couldn't stop eating this. Both visits I've sampled the fillet of the day and they were nothing short of flavorful perfection. Multi Mushroom flat bread? you can't go wrong. Keep the goodies coming.

The churros are delightful (I need to venture and try something else for my sweet finish)- both times.

To be fair I have to call out the pork chop porterhouse. You did not read that wrong. You think want to try it. I mean where else have you see that on a menu!?   It tasted brined and not like much else. the texture was borderline unappetizing and it didn't get finished even with several people stabbing at it. There is so much other goodness on the menu I won't dock them for this. Everyone can have a single flop. I don't think the mass of America as we know it (the ones that still eat at Applebee's) are ready for pink brined pork that seems underdone.

Service has been slightly inconsistent based on how incredibly busy they always seem to be (good problem to have) but it's so cozy inside you don't mind lingering around while you wait on your course or your bill.

I've gone to the Pig on my last two birthdays. I can go anywhere I want but I go way out of my way to go to Decatur to the gem.  I think that says it all.

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