The Oceanaire Seafood Room. A review.

I went here with a group for my birthday.

The décor is art deco and the oyster bar view upon entering is a welcome sight.  Sitting at the bar you will fast notice the bar prices are HIGH (as is the food menu) but service is attentive and friendly.  I will say before I even go into food detail the service here is about as good as I’ve had anywhere from start to finish.

They custom printed up menus for my table. Nice touch.  Our waiter was the old school kind you get at places like Hal’s steakhouse in Buckhead. 

Lobster bisque was excellent. Creamy and well flavored. Definitely put a smile on my face.

The raw oysters are without question the best I have had in the city. I am weary of ordering them so far inland but of course you can feel complete confidence ordering them at a place of this caliber.

Seared sea scallops with risotto and pecan butter was delicious. Perfectly cooked scallops and risotto both. Butter and seafood a natural marriage win and the pecan element put it over the top. Several at the table got this dish and it was the hit of the night. Steep at $35 but tasty nonetheless.

My salmon Oscar unfortunately was the least favorite. Dry and borderline overcooked with an unimpressive sauce.  This was a unspecial special of the night. I don’t recall the price but would hope it isn’t featured again.

Blue cod stuffed with shrimp, crab, brie and dill was another hit nearly as good as the scallop dish. Lots of flavored and cooked nicely. I was enjoying the creative combinations to keep a seafood menu interesting. I have to give credit on that count. Sometimes seafood restaurants keep it very basic, which isn’t a bad thing but can feel uninspiring if you’re feeling adventuresome or crave exciting food with great regularity.

Dessert was brought out for the occasion. A seasonal ice cream (pumpkin praline for fall) enrobed in flaming meringue. Of course this is an Alaska. I wanted chocolate but wow this was spectacular both in presentation and flavor!

All in all a very nice restaurant but keep it for special occasions or corporate credit card.

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