Strip- A review

After the token Sex and the City show naturally I went to dine with three girlfriends post show. We were in Atlantic Station, an area am still entirely undecided about. Best described as nice housing in an outdoor shopping mall, the restaurants there are a crapshoot. Chains mostly. Geisha House (Also a location in Los Angeles, CA) was our first choice but of course they do not have Monday hours. This gave me some new respect for what have been mixed reviews. I fear eating at decent restaurants on Mondays. I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed with food when the Tuesday-Saturday crew is off.

We passed up going into Atlantic Grill due to the overly casual atmosphere. It was reminiscent of a biker bar gone sports bar. No place for 4 chic ladies. Truth be told casual dining doesn't appeal to me. What's the point of going out if it's not going to be special? That's the type of place that will put bacon and cheese on your fat free turkey burger. I do find a dessert of a plate of the "best cookies ever" enchanting but we opted not to dine there. I do love a good cookie.

We ended up at Strip. Promising contemporary atmosphere. Menu of sushi, standard appetizers, sandwiches and salads. Plenty of steak entrees of course. I was thrilled to see raw oysters (their sister restaurants do these quite well) but decided against them when I settled on a whiskey drink. In my opinion there is only one thing to drink with raw oysters: Vodka (and tonic if you like). Whiskey sharing a glass with sour mix, cola and a splash of fabulous just isn't a good fit with delicate seafood. Fried calamari was a better choice. It was acceptable at best. All the food was worthy of that same description. My biggest issue was the horrendously slow service. Monday night. This place isn't even half full and there is adequate wait staff to accomodate the diners.

My yummi roll came out after we at up our appetizers. Again, acceptable but utterly forgettable. Proper dress required is on the door but clearly that is not enforced as a diner came in with athletic shoes and spandex. I won't be going back and I certainly won't recommend it to others.
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