I have such great memories of my first time at Tomo. To this day, over 2 years and many many meals later, I still cite Tomo as having the best dessert in the city of Atlanta. Really? An Asian restaurant has the best dessert? It does. Really. 

In the Ritz Carlton Residences building on Peachtree you will find Tomo. Valet of course.  Still modern and stylish inside. Friday night bar area is active with young pretty people enjoying an array of cocktails. The rest of us are at a table eating food.  I am a roll kind of girl but the fish collar I always find irresistable.  It's awkward to eat but worth the slight loss of social graces to get around the bones and cartilage of a fish neck. I got my first taste of Toro at long last! Fatty melt in your mouth tuna belly. If your wallet can stand it, get this on your table.

I was so delighted to see the garlic yellowtail roll still on the menu. The eye catcher here is the saki gorgonzola sauce. Tres American but also very creative and the whole thing just WORKS. Microgreen garnish brings a freshness to the dish and the fish is always superbly fresh.

I am a crunchy roll lover and here I satisfied that with shrimp tempura roll. Often a crunch roll can be so greasy it covers your palette and the delicate flavors can get lost. Not at Tomo. Finally a crunch roll that still maintains the light freshness sushi is so loved for. 

And at long last the beloved dessert: Mille Crepe. You will be hard pressed to find this on any menu and to find it here is like finding a diamond in the North Sea.  The version currently featured is chocolate crepes and it's an even more striking presentation showing the detail of crepes spread with chantilly cream between each layer.  The spoon glides through the high stack like it is a cloud. Delicately balanced flavors and a texture like nothing else. What a masterpiece. 

Service is as attentive as always. I absolutely love this restaurant.

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Until this day my only Indian experience in Atlanta has been Copper Cove Indian Bistro. Bhojanic has been around long before Copper Cove and has been touted as the best Indian Cuisine in the city.

A pretty good crowd on a weeknight here in Decatur. Outdoor seating is an option. I walked in to hear lively live music playing and was offered to sit near the music or in a less boisterous spot. I opted for the latter.   Inside is quite clean and modern with plenty of middle east brigh colors and hanging strands of beads. I like.

I am dining with a man from London. It may as well have been a native man from India as Indian food is so very popular in the UK. In that honor I had to get the national dish, Tikka Masala. I got a starter portion of it, Roti Canai served with paratha flatbread.  Incredibly tender chicken chunks and very flavorful sauce. 

Methi Paratha with fried egg inside is a nice nosh, an Indian quesadilla of sorts. 


Chicken curry is very spicy. Medium to hot and it overpowered both of our palattes.  I ordered a side of rice to help temper the heat, and well, I just love rice.  Naan does go with almost everyrthing but to me curry needs a bed of rice.  It came studded with carrots and peas.  The curry itself is complex and flavor as you'd expect, if not a bit oily.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

While it doesn't look impressive this garlicky creamy spinach with chunks of indian cheese is tasty and dare I say, addictive . I could curl up with a both of this and some naan and call it a day.

Both sweet and savory lassis are offered if your tongue needs some cooling down. I recommend ordering one.

I wouldn't rate Bhojanic as high as Copper Cover Indian bistro but it certainly can hold it's own in this ethnic food category.

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This upscale Southern farm to table restaurant is in downtown Roswell, just a few steps away from the hustle and bustle.  

You will be greeted with Southern charm and find seating is on the veranda, inside and in a step down garden area outside. Weather permitting, you can't go wrong. 

Slender but enormously flavorful cheese straws greet your table and wake up your palette. It's southern for certain but these little gems have a knack for making me want a cocktail. Smart move, Table & Main. It worked. I had three of the same speciality cocktails. A bourbon based drink with a giant sphere of ice. Well played. 

Like so many farm to table restaurants you will find this one to be very vegetarian friendly. I was in on Paleo night and my sweet potatoes boasted coconut and they were divine.  A silky very flavorful mash. The special was chicken fried steak for this meal and I found the beef choice odd and in fact, it was tough. 

Preservation plate

Preservation plate

I had the Preservation plate to start. This will vary by night. House made calbrese sausage, incredible! It was sliced and laid on house made grain mustard.  Cheese from Many Fold Georgia dairy farm paired with bacon jam. Another triumph!  Pickled carrots cut through the fatty items nicely. This is a great way to start a meal.

Vegetable plate

Vegetable plate

I can say with zero hesitation the macaroni and cheese here is the best I've ever eaten. I am not hardcore in loving this dish but I could be if this is what mac and cheese was like on a daily basis. 

I had to try the puddin dessert. Mason jar (of course) of dark chocolate pudding/mousse topped with bourbon whipped cream and two nilla wafers. This beats bananas. Even a monkey would agree.

Great service always with a southern smile.

Do not miss this gem in Roswell.


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Located in Woodstock you will find this sushi gem. Just know if you go you have to be done by 9 pm. There is no late dinner happening here. 

It's clean and modern inside. In fact I had commented after washing my hands that the ladies room felt like  a high end spa!  The menu is enormous. Cooked food, lots of creative appetizers to enjoy with drinks, curries and noodle dishes and of course, SUSHI.

I went unconventional and got some panko crusted fries. I mean, how crispy irresistable does that sound?  They did not disappoint. I kept the crunchy theme going and ordered a deep fried roll. While it was unmanagable by chopstick standards it was delicious by my standards. The super crunch roll was fresh tasting and more chopstick friendly.

Very attentive service, if not OVERLY so. Lots of families because of the area it's in. Happy to see a healthy demographic mix keeping VUU busy on a weeknight. 

I could eat here a dozen times and still find new tasty dishes I'd want to order the 13th visit.

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It’s rare I venture down to delicious Decatur but it is high time I visited Leon’s.  This former service station has a clean modern yet casual feel. The outdoor seating is as well laid out and attractive as it is indoors. Lots of windows inside so you get almost an outdoor feeling in there (dependent upon where you’re seated of course). 

The menu is short, sweet, and seasonal.  The purveyors the food is coming from is listed on a chalkboard on the wall in the main dining room.  I love a restaurant that proudly displays their sources. Just a handful of menu options each salads, small plates, entrees, cheeses and sandwiches.   Even though the menu is limited the bar selection is not. This is a gastropub after all! The food clearly pairs well with cocktails, beer and wines.

I got an order of the pork belly with kimchi grits. Hello my name is SPICY!!  Super creamy and spicy grits topped with three slices of perfectly tender pork belly and fresh bright crunch kimchi slaw. Really creative and interesting dish.  I couldn’t resist pub fries with smoked tomato mayo. They did not disappoint. Crispy double cooked skin on fries with your choice of condiment.

A luscious side of brussel spouts hash is not to be missed. Chock full of bacon, apples and onions it really is a star on the menu even though it's a side.  

Leon's has  many vegetarian options that won't leave a vegetarian feeling like an afterthought but still options for the carnivore to feel satisfied. 

Great attentive service too.

I'd be a regular if I lived in Decatur.

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With 4 to choose from what is a mac and cheese lover to do when Christophe's to go is giving away a free portion this week?

Maybe I can take the guesswork out for you (or you can go in everyday and get a different flavor each day)

South of the border has a more substantial main course feel and flavor. Beefed up with chorizo, slivers of green and red bell pepper and a kiss of queso fresco. It is the most hearty to me.

Gluten free uses the classic mac and cheese preparation but in place of gluten pasta Christophe subs in the very tasty quinoa corn pasta so you will never know!

Traditional mac and cheese is the epitome of comfort food. Nicely balanced cheese cream sauce and finished with grated extra sharp cheddar. Homemade delicious classic taste here.

The Parisian version tastes the most decadent. It’s a white mac n cheese with generous slices of brie , small chicken breast chunks and sautéed mushrooms adorning it. Lots of parsley to give a brightness garnishes it all. Serve this with a green salad and you’ll think you’re in Paris!


click here to get yours


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McKendrick’s is classified as a Southern Steakhouse.  While I didn’t see much on the menu that made me think “Southern” outside of Butternut squash as a side option, what I did see is all the classic components of why people go to a classic steakhouse. I did not make this classification. The staff did.

It’s got a more modern feel than say, Bone’s or Hal’s.  The wine list, or wine book shall I more precisely say, has a very few options by the glass. McKendrick’s wants you to get the bottle.  Wine regions and varietals are nicely represented so you’re sure to find a bottle to your liking. Naturally your waiter can guide you if you’re not as knowledgeable as you’d like.

I ordered up my standard items I always get at a steakhouse. Lobster bisque being first up on the list. It was heartbreakingly flavorless. I asked the waiter for sherry from the bar to perk it up but it only aided a little.  A bit on the thin side, no meat and low in overall flavor and complexity. 

My ribeye was cooked and seasoned perfectly. Sides are family style as you’d expect. Creamed spinach is clearly freshly cut spinach and topped with a thick crust of parmesan.  I still felt it lacked depth though. I ate every bit of it but it wasn’t entirely satisfying flavorwise.  The garlic parmesan fries are a medium cut and seasoned fantastically!  The garlic is subtle and balanced perfectly with the cheese flavor. One could easily overpower the other and certainly it would be easy to be careless with French fry seasoning but that clearly didn’t happen here. Much thought was put into this dish. Two bowls of these with a glass of white and I’d have been happy with just that!

Service is impeccable and atmosphere is exquisite.  Well done McKendrick’s.

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Sometimes you want to just stay in. Wear your comfy clothes, not deal with parking, waiters, tipping and how to have a glass of wine and drive home.  Part of the appeal of going out to eat is the great food you can't get or make at home. Christophe has solved this.  You go into one of their 4 locations  (check the website for some "coolers" in other locations which will expand so check back often) and pick from a wide selection of hot and cold foods that really do have a chef prepared taste. 

This is an affordable personal chef type service for everyday food. It can be delivered to you same day for $12 and for advance future delivery dates it's just $6.  Check out their special meal menus for holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving. 

What I love about the food: I am very careful to eat whole natural food. The ingredients are listed clearly on the label along with nutrition facts. You won't find anything on that list that isn't already likely in your kitchen or has been in your kitchen. You just perhaps can't get it to taste as good as what's in Christophe's cooler  or simply don't have time during the busy workweek to make it.

Note on reheating: The paper containers the food comes in is oven safe and I encourage you to do it that way. Sure you can microwave it but not only do you lose nutrition that way but you lose some of the texture you get by oven cooking. 


The menu changes every 2 weeks and Christophe is smart enough to know some classic favorites need to always be in the mix. Vegetarian and paleo option are plentiful there. You will find "single" portions which for me, would feed two, and family size for 4.  Generous sized green salads,  tuna and  chicken salads and soups are available along with hot foods and wraps. The fridges are icy cold keeping the food super fresh til you're ready to heat it or eat it.

I got a beer cheese soup to warm me up on a cold night. The beer flavor is clean and prominent balanced out by rich cream and sharp cheese. Bits of onion were floating around to give it a real homey yet refined taste but not gloppy or too thick.

The turkey lasagne is full on comfort food that tasted exactly like what I make when I have time which is NEVER. This version has no ricotta but it does have mozzarella layered in each layer. Wonderfully balanced flavor and filling pasta ratio. It's addictive!  Paleo version available.  Def reheata in the oven but it's great cold too!

Now one near and dear to my French Food loving heart, Coq au Vin. Boneless chicken thighs cooked in wine and bacon served with carrots and fingerling potatoes.  If you don't know what you're doing this dish is sometimes tricky to make.  What a joy to find it available to go!  Grab a loaf of fresh bread available in the store and dinner is done. C'est magnifique!  Another one that needs the oven.

None of the food suffered from being overly salty but all of it was balanced and satisfying. I am so happy to have found Christophe's!


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I am doing an update on my quest to lower and keep my blood pressure low with lifestyle and natural remedies. Last year I posted about my intermittent fasting and how effective that was and has continued to help. I realize this isn't for everyone so I am informing you of another effective option that won't impact your life quite as much but will impact your blood pressure.

What is this magical cure you ask?  It is hibiscus tea.  Yes it works and it works quickly!  You want proof of course and I shall give it to you. Keep reading.

I am participating in "dry Janaury" to atone for my holiday over-indulgence of booze and perhaps indulgence that started months before the holiday.  To successfully break one habit we must replace it with another. My replacement choice? Herbal teas. Evening cocktails simply got to be a daily habit of having a special cup of something at days' end. My life is not stressful so I have no excuse for that habit.   Now when the sun goes down I have a cup or two of some damn delicious teas that happen to have very beneficial side effects. 

Enter hibiscus tea blend. A few warnings about this tea. 

1. It does have a bit of a relaxing effect. I was making a pot of it each morning to enjoy iced later in the day (favorite by far is juicy delicious orange zinger from celestial seasonings which I could only find on Amazon) and noticed I started to get in the mood to do absolutely nothing by the time my pot was empty.  Fortunately I run and do other workouts early in the day or at least before 1 pm.  None of that would happen after two big glasses of cold or warm zinger tea.

2. It does have a bit of a diuretic effect .  You will see inflammation disappear as well as any water weight if you're one to hold on to water.  It's wonderfully antioxidant and has vitamin C.

3.  It suppresses your appetite a bit. I noticed I haven't been particularly hungry or interested in food despite how much I work out. Something that generally makes me hungrier.

4. It affects hormones. If you're pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing you probably should skip this tea.  

Not two weeks after regular consumption of this tea my blood pressure every day is 113/73.  It was 123/82 prior.  I am reducing back to 1 cup a day. I find some days my BP is so low my vision post workout is severly impaired for up to two hours.  

Another upside, here it is mid January and I haven't gotten sick (yet) unlike last winter where I had both a cold and the flu twice.  I will not be without this tea!

Vlogs coming very soon.  I have been traveling a lot and have an injury in my shoulder that has kept me mostly offline and away from the phone for WEEKS while I heal (tech related injury that means no tech if I want to get better).

Happy healthy new year to all my readers! I had an incredible year in 2014 and look forward to more good things in 2015!

Quite a few years ago I consciously limited any and all things smoked. My beloved bbq consumption got limited to once a quarter, if that. Liquid smoke use for home applications (I have no grill nor am I allowed to have one where I live) and any sort of smoked lunch meat was almost entirely out of the question.  One thing I didn't even think to limit was salmon. 

I started to cure my own salmon at home and, while smoking isn't invovled in the gravlax process, my cowboy addition of a few drops of liquid smoke was. Granted that is against my nordic roots but Americans bastardize everything anyway so I didn't give it a second thought. Until now.  I was still ordering lox and bagels in public, eating it on canapes at dinner, cooking with lapsang tea and even serving it at client dinner parties at the clients request. While I don't generally stress health issues of menu items a client may request this research is certainly giving me pause. 

You decide. 


AuthorStephanie Anderson

I am a life and wellness coach but I also lead by example. I sort of have to, don't I? One of which is something I am a big fan of: 30 day personal challenges. Our lives, our bodies and much of our health circumstance is determined by our lifestyle choices.  Even much of our joy or lack thereof is by choices.  We are all where we are right now in this moment because of ALL the millions of choices that led up to this moment. 

I saw this video earlier on TED talks about what you can do in 30 days (link below).  I have done nearly a dozen 30 day challenges the past few years. I feel inspired to do a year of 30 day challenges all covering completely unrelated topics yet they all relate to ME and who I am and who I want to be. Sure I did the work to be the woman I always wanted to be NOW. It feels great to be her and I am so incredibly proud and happy with myself but why stop at this? Why not be an even more accomplished more diverse woman in just a year from now? 30 days at a time.

I hope this inspires you to do some great, or even just silly things, in 30 days that make you feel more whole, more well rounded, well lived, well traveled or more of whatever you want to be. It doesn't cost anything but a little focus.  Don't we all feel accomplished when we reach a goal no matter how big or small? Give yourself the gift of life. 

May more joy be yours!

We've all seen those odd deodorant crystals in the health section of Whole Foods, Natural food stores and even some enlightened drug stores. But what are they and more importantly, DO THEY WORK?  The U.S. , save some hippies, I find is generally obsessed with being odor free if not overly scented.  I am the first to admit I am a huge fan of fragrance despite how toxic most of it is.  I am a fan of my underarms not smelling bad too. 

So what's the fuss about using  a traditional deodorant/anti perspirant? There are conflicting reports about the aluminum in many anti perspirants causing breast and other types of cancer. I don't know about you but I am not going to risk it. 

There are two very different formulas I use for somewhat different reasons both with effective results. 

CRYSTAL brand roll on.  The EWG cosmetics database rates this nearly a 0 it is so safe (The higher the score 0-10 the more danger it presents for various reasons the site specifies). Me, I rate it a 8 out of 10 for keeping odor away even when I am on a one hour run in August.  I still get damp as these DO NOT block sweat but they do eat up the bacteria that make it smell unpleasant.  CRYSTAL also has zero scent whatsoever and that has a place if I am spritzing on some fragrance. 


Angel Scent by NATUROIL is a great brand that has a whole line of skin treatment products that are based on therapeutic grade essential oils.  Some oils have tremendous anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti aging benefits and this spray on deodorant has many of those key ingredients in it. It's an entirely different formula from the crystal deodorants. I feel like it's comparing apples to oranges. Both delicious but for different reasons. This too keeps me odor free for hours even on days that I run. The bonus here is the botanical scent and the spray delivery formula. I like that I can also use it during the summer days to refresh myself when I am out and about. Just slip into a restroom and spritz when you're in freshening up and of course in the gym bag. 



That intoxicating scent of smoke is in the air each time you pass Spiced Right heading into - or out of - downtown Roswell.  I could resist no longer today.

A standard no frills cue joint decor. There is a stage for live music but I was in for lunch and the only entertainment is the other patrons at this time. It's a full house at lunch time and we are the only women in the place (except the hostess who is beautiful and friendly).

Now for the food: Namely RIBS. Big juicy pork spareribs and they do not disappoint!  Fall off the bone flavorful, smokey and tender.  Brisket was trimmed maybe a bit too well for my liking but flavorful and tender just the same.

Two sauces are on the table, smooth and spicy.  The spicy is pretty tame despite the promise of heat when you can clearly see the flecks of pepper flakes in it.  Both are super sweet and dark. If that's how you like your sauce you will love it. I realized barbecue is such a personal thing so I will never proclaim any cue spot as THE BEST. 

We both got fried okra and my friend claimed it to the best she's had anywhere. We both ate up every bit of it (it doesn't keep well).  Hashbrown casserole is a bowl of finely diced potatoes cooked in a thick bechamel and topped with some cheddar. Very edible but basic.  I ate the whole little cup it was in.  Corn souffle is nice too. It's pretty sweet but this is the south and I can tell this place plays up to the sugar lovers of the world.

All in all a darn tasty spread. Don't be surprised if I go back.

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It's breakfast in bed (still a bit under the weather) and an easy one at that. I eat this quite often for breakfast actually. Not just on a vegan week kick.

Enter wholemeal pumpernickel bread. Enter ripe avocado. Enter a fresh lemon. Toast that slice til it is good and crispy then smear over about a half of a ripe avocado and put a few drops of lemon and pink salt over it all.  Creamy, crunchy and nutritious. I've been known to have this for dinner with a small cup of butternut or creamy tomato soup on the side too.  I have trouble getting enough avocado into my diet and it's such a fantastic beauty food I make a point to find ways to eat it.


Other than on toast I put it on bean chili or in a salad with roasted chilled beets and orange. I find guacamole just invites too many unhealthy carbs and too much cal consumption of avocado taking it off the healthy road and onto the road of excess.

AuthorStephanie Anderson

I've been an avid tracker of eating for nutrition for years.  The protein/fat/carb ratio seems a bit silly really if you're not getting proper nutrition as a whole. You can eat thousands and thousands of calories, still feel hungry and tired--and look like junk if you're not eating for nutrition. 

I happen to use Cronometer. It's a free program and you can upgrade to a gold membership but it's not necessary. It just depends how geeked out you want to get over your  numbers. I can geek out over numbers like you wouldn't believe! 

Case in point, You can see on this day I had approximately 1000 calories (I ran in the morning hence the net cal discrepancy), I had a large volume of food and I eat mostly vegetarian but get a high amount of nutrition as a result. I feel fantastic and have no cravings for anything because my nutrition intake is so high on a regular basis.  Speaking from personal experience and as a nutrition coach, supplementing the  lacking nutrients with vitamin pills doesn't have the same effect as eating the food does. I do supplement iron once a week and magnesium daily to keep my restless legs quiet at bedtime.

I am human so not everyday is perfect but when you eat with this kind of awareness you make  better choices in general. Try logging your food one day and see where you may be coming up short .  I can help you make some tweaks or additions to get your nutrition consumption high fairly quickly.  I promise it's not difficult and you will be so glad you did.

My birthday was a last week and as per usual I want the same dinner every year. I am so cliche.  Red meat, red wine and dark chocolate.   Hal's, this is where you come in. After a miserable experience at Bone's for birthday v2013 I went back to Hal's which I had a great experience at a few years back. Crossed fingers it would be a repeat performance. My heart couldn't take another bad birthday steak.

Mind you I've been mostly vegetarian for a while now but I still wanted that slab of perfectly cooked beef. I got there early so I could pack in as many one on one  times with different friends throughout the day. This was the early shift! at 5:30 it's quiet still. By just after 6 pm it is packing up. I ate upstairs this time. The waitstaff was half the age of the waitstaff last time I was there but just as attentive, if not more attractive to boot. A little man candy is always a nice side dish even if it's not on Hal's menu.

I hear the front desk and two different servers call out to regular diners citing that they have their regular table ready for them. Hal's as a lifestyle? I can dig it.

I ordered the oysters bordelaise again. Perfectly fried oysters perched on a shell. Just a kiss of fresh lemon and it's really a fine way to start a meal. My friend got a chopped salad which was crunchy and flavorful. Very fresh tasting.

Enter the bone in ribeye. (Angels were singing)  This glorious cut perfectly cooked and seasoned made me so happy!  As good as ever. Trout almondine came too. It is a bit blasphemous to get fish at a steakhouse in my opinion but it sure was delicious. This isn't a dish about bold flavor, but one of balance. Fish flaky and tender , crust thin crisp and not oily and lots of crunchy almonds adorning it.  For food, nuts are the ultimate accessory in my opinion. 

Sides, I got creamed spinach remembering how good it was and it still is. Crispy barbant potatoes are super tasty. Nicely and simply seasoned, tender inside and crunchy outside. You can get them with blue cheese or garlic butter but I want for simple so nothing would distract from the clean beefy flavor of my steak. 

Martinis are still strong and well made. Thank you for making me happy on my birthday Hal's.  See you next time!

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or flu-like symptoms.  Waking up to feeling not so great and the stomach upsets that come with the flu I didn't take in any food until sundown. Times like these a well stocked pantry is niftier than ever (and if you live in an area that gets snow, stock that pantry now in case you can't or don't want to go out in it for some good eats).  

All I could manage in my weakened state was steel cut oats. I couldn't even manage to stand long enough to keep stirring them for 20 minutes. I threw caution to the wind, poured in 1 c . oats, 1/2 tsp pink salt, 2 c. filtered water and 1 c. of canned coconut milk (remember fat keeps you pretty all year and all life long!) and let it do what it would.  The kitchen timer is your and my best friend.  It keeps you from botching up in this A.D.D world.  I put a lid on my coconut oat cocoction and went back to bed. Fast forward 20 minutes later and voila!  With just a little flat whisk encouraging the bottom of the pan it all came together in a perfect texture of warm comfort with very little work. I'll save the elbow grease for when I am back at 100%.


I love raw coconut sugar for my hot cereals!  If you haven't tried it, it has a lovely caramel-y taste with added nutrition benefits. It's a bit pricey so I reserve it as a finishing sugar vs. one you might bake with or make bbq sauce with. Just as you may have several types of vinegars, flours, rice, salts and grains in your pantry arsenal why not have several kinds of sugar?

Happy cooking to you sick or otherwise! I will start a winter kitchen to give you some warm and healthy ideas to get you through the holidays and beyond without having to buy bigger jeans by February!


AuthorStephanie Anderson

I have been about 80% vegetarian for 2 months now.   A nice side effect of a high nutrition diet is you don't really want things like sweets or dairy.  The body is so fulfilled with the nutrtion your food is providing it doesn't want anything else. Cravings are gone and energy is high (and skin more gorgeous than ever).  However a week of birthday celebrating which seems to always entail steaks went down this past week. I didn't enjoy it like I used to and cakes did not taste appealing to me at all.  Now is the perfect time to do a vegan week again. I know it's my popular blog series every year.  

Each day I will post at least one of my vegan inspired meals/snacks to tempt you to dip into healthier waters.

Today's vegan:

Marinated crispy baked tofu from The kitchn.


coupled with my favorite Dr. Furhman's orange cashew dressing as the dip. 




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