Peking restaurant. A review.

The menu is your standard chinese fare. Nothing cutting edge and that's just fine. Don't we all order the same two or three things all of our lives at these types of places?   My waiter is charming and accomodating and the owner checks on me 3 or 4 times as well. He's a gracious host. 

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Ssam Burger. A review.

The burgers are thick and cooked to order, medium unless you specify otherwise. Beefy flavor and nice brioche buns.

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Shoya Izakaya. A review.

Like chicken karaage i.e. Japanese fried chicken nuggets (I mean how can you resist ordering it?)   It's both breast and thigh meat with a crisp thin crunchy coat. No sauce but served in a basket. Color me confused but happy.  I ate every one of them.

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Hankook Taqueria. A review.

Bibam bop is a whole lotta food for not a whole lotta money. The container felt like it was 2 lbs-no lie.  The big rice steamers behind the assembly line get a workout here and doubtless much of that is for this dish. 

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Marlowe's Tavern. A review.

 loaded up potato chips. They come adorned with blue cheese dressing (lots of chunks sprinkled on vs all of it being mixed in the dressing), real bacon bits (points!), green onion and tomatoes but I nixed those vile things.  Now, this is beer bar food I like. I was licking my fingers like some neaderthal that doesn't have proper table manners. I could blame it on the beer but I hadn't even had half of my self poured glass yet. 

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Star Cafe. A review

Cornbread that is actually cornbread and not corn cake!  Nice mealy yet tender crumb. A hint of sweet but again, not corn-cakey. Just very corny and I mean that in the best possible way.

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Tomo. A review.

 the garlic yellowtail roll still on the menu. The eye catcher here is the saki gorgonzola sauce. Tres American but also very creative and the whole thing just WORKS. Microgreen garnish brings a freshness to the dish and the fish is always superbly fresh.

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Table & Main. A review.

Like so many farm to table restaurants you will find this one to be very vegetarian friendly. I was in on Paleo night and my sweet potatoes boasted coconut and they were divine.  A silky very flavorful mash. 

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VUU Asian Bistro. A review.

It's clean and modern inside. In fact I had commented after washing my hands that the ladies room felt like  a high end spa!  The menu is enormous. Cooked food, lots of creative appetizers to enjoy with drinks, curries and noodle dishes and of course, SUSHI.

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Leon's Full Service. A review.

The menu is short, sweet, and seasonal.  The purveyors the food is coming from is listed on a chalkboard on the wall in the main dining room.  I love a restaurant that proudly displays their sources. Just a handful of menu options each salads, small plates, entrees, cheeses and sandwiches. 

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Can't decide which free mac n cheese this week?

With 4 to choose from what is a mac and cheese lover to do when Christophe's to go is giving away a free portion this week?

Maybe I can take the guesswork out for you (or you can go in everyday and get a different flavor each day)

South of the border has a more substantial main course feel and flavor. Beefed up with chorizo, slivers of green and red bell pepper and a kiss of queso fresco. It is the most hearty to me.

Gluten free uses the classic mac and cheese preparation but in place of gluten pasta Christophe subs in the very tasty quinoa corn pasta so you will never know!

Traditional mac and cheese is the epitome of comfort food. Nicely balanced cheese cream sauce and finished with grated extra sharp cheddar. Homemade delicious classic taste here.

The Parisian version tastes the most decadent. It’s a white mac n cheese with generous slices of brie , small chicken breast chunks and sautéed mushrooms adorning it. Lots of parsley to give a brightness garnishes it all. Serve this with a green salad and you’ll think you’re in Paris!


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McKendrick's. A review.

I ordered up my standard items I always get at a steakhouse. Lobster bisque being first up on the list. It was heartbreakingly flavorless. I asked the waiter for sherry from the bar to perk it up but it only aided a little.  A bit on the thin side, no meat and low in overall flavor and complexity. 

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